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Harnwell College House Publicity
Various posters and signs for the college house done under the Communications Manager position. Some samples shown (starting left, top to bottom row) - Casino Night, Speed Rooming, Vocal Arts Night, Probasco Family Dinners, Matt Haimovitz in Concert.
Created With: Photoshop, Illustrator

Ignite English Summer Camp Brochure
Designed a brochure for the co-founded Ignite summer camp at the North Point Alliance Church, for elementary to high school kids in Hong Kong.
Created With: Photoshop

2D Design "Tool Distortion"
An exploration of shades of gray combined with distortions on a common appliance's form and a study of 2D space.
Created With: Illustrator / Handmade

THONF T-Shirt Design
Created With: Illustrator

Living Water Poster
Informational poster for the college fellowship.
Created With: Photoshop

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